Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episode 4 Review: Young Guns: Young Guns Going Big

It’s official; the Blue Team sucked so bad that Ramsay went ahead and mix-n-matched the teams.

We knew it was coming, and by the end of Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episode 4, Ramsay disrupted the gendered teams.

Now it’ll be harder to determine who’s the weakest link, and the guys can have a shot at making it to the end of the competition, riding on some of the girls’ coattails.

It needed to happen; if we had to watch another installment of the boys getting creamed by the girls and serving raw food, it wouldn’t have been worth the while watching the rest of the season.

What the hour did showcase was some of the cracks in the OG Red team’s unit. It’s unfortunate that the one time they did eff up a service, they were right down in the bottom with the Three-time Losers in Blue.

Their errors weren’t even comparable to the hellscape happening in the testosterone-fueled kitchen. Do you see what happens when you’re placed on a pedestal? They rip you to shreds when you stumble off of that baby.

The breakfast service was great for switching things up and giving the teams something else to cook outside of salmon, wellingtons, halibut, and chicken. But then some of the chefs had just as difficult of a time cooking eggs benedict and steak.

These are the basics, so how are some of these people going to run an upscale restaurant?

The OG teams must’ve given off some type of energy since even the guests knew the Red team had their sh*t together.

Of course, maybe the patrons caught glimpses of how Alex and Payton were screwing things up, and Trenton was slowing things down with his eggs sticking to the cast iron pan.

In news shocking no one, the Red team knocked another competition out of the park. Their reward was one of the best so far, and my boy Steven went ahead and used his punishment pass.

It’s what he deserves. I sincerely hope he got a massage while he was at that fancy hotel; he probably needed it after carrying the Blue team on his back all this time.

Steven was tired of his hard work not getting him anywhere, and he probably wanted to escape the bad mojo surrounding the Blue Team. Honestly, same, sir.

But in addition to being one of the best and most consistent chefs of the season, he’s also fair. Once again, when granted a chance to put someone else in a sucky position, he opted for the just method.

The punishment had to do with pastries, so he wanted to know who had the most experience with them. I mean, Steve is fair, yes, but he’s also smart AF. Why put yourself in the position of pissing someone off when it’s not necessary?

All respect to Brynn, her volunteering because of her experience in pastries is commendable, and she succeeded in impressing Ramsay with the move.

It’s one of a few reasons why the girls’ pathetic attempt to throw her under the bus later backfired on them. The North remembers, and so does Chef Ramsay.

Steve does come out of his shell when giving a chance. He and the girls had a blast on their day trip. It was adorable to see them having so much fun.

On the downside, Steve must’ve accidentally brought over some of the Blue team’s bad luck because the girls had their worst service ever upon their return.

The magicians were there for dinner service, but the magic sure as hell wasn’t.

Criss Angel, our favorite Mindfreak, is hardly recognizable when he isn’t going full emo, and he looked so disappointedly normal. However, he was hilarious with the commentary and observations, and the chef’s table is easily the best spot in that joint.

You’re almost guaranteed food in an hour or four, and you get a firsthand look at the disastrous crap going on in the kitchen. Dinner and entertainment, you can’t ask for more.

The girls must’ve had too much fun and started resting on their laurels or something. They showed their asses during this service, and I can’t even say it was surprising as it was overdue.

It did reveal who the Red team’s weakest links are or were. As predicted, Josie struggled. It’s not right to imply that vegans and vegetarians have no place in this series, but Ramsay shows have never served them well.

Her burnt pizzas were inedible, and it makes no sense that she didn’t bother checking them before plating them at all. Did she even try? It’s no excuse for it.

My girl Morgana, the Jane of All Trades, apparently used to work at a pizza shop, too, so she stepped in to save Josie’s ass. But then Josie freaking dropped one.

What are we supposed to do with that? Beyond that, Brynn got on her team’s nerves by being loud and wrong. And it’s understandable that her shouting out orders, and the wrong ones at that, were an issue.

However, was it on par with whatever the hell was going on with Victoria? The woman looked dead inside. It’s as if she checked out of service completely. The lights were on, but no one was home.

Not only was the girl in la-la-land not communicating with a soul on her team, but she got bit by the raw fairy and started serving up nothing but undercooked fish.

I don’t understand this; I’m more likely to overcook meat than undercook it, but way too many contestants on this show serve raw food like they’re at a sushi joint instead of Hell’s Kitchen.

You know the service is a nightmare when Ramsay yanks both teams into the supply closet at least two times, kicks someone out of the kitchen and starts using all his particular brand of insults.

Jose and Victoria sucked on the Red team, but it still didn’t compare to Alex, Antonio, and pretty much everyone who isn’t Steven on the OG Blue team.

Alex escaped by the skin of his teeth and what I can only surmise is luck during Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 Episode 3. And like his booted predecessor, did he take advantage of his second to third chance? Nope!

One minute into dinner service and Alex needed a break. There were too many easy jokes to make about how “soft” the “younger generation” is with that maneuver. Ramsay was in stunned disbelief that Alex couldn’t push past it and needed to take a breather.

Sir, what?! Was there time to take a breather? NO!

Steve, King that he is, running his and Alex’s station while the kid who spent more time styling his hair than presenting a decent dish took a timeout, spoke volumes about how the rest of the night would go.

Antonio was a walking disaster, too. I mean, God bless the people sitting in the dining room. One day, someone will want to walk back there and make their meal their damn self.

Just give me the raw fish, and I’ll cook it at home.

The raw food wasn’t even the worst of the OG Blue Team’s antics. Their biggest issue was everyone calling out times like they were reciting lotto numbers, and no one was on the same page.

They can’t have their dishes aligned if people (ANTONIO) are randomly backtracking the time. It throws everything off.

The guys had the worst service. Ramsay only tossed the girls down there to even things out, but he still ended up getting rid of a man.

But it’s evident that the cooks allowed their personal opinions about who they like and don’t affect their judging when they had to pick which four people would end up on the chopping block.

On the Red team, as clear as the sky is blue and that team serves up salmonella, Victoria and Josie were the only sensible choices.

The girls don’t like Brynn, and that’s on them, but it made no sense that they put her on the block for being too loud during a dinner service where Josie was burning and dropping food, and Morgana had to take over her station for her, and Victoria got called out by name by Ramsay twice.

They must not have gotten the memo that on Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay is looking for the best chef.

He doesn’t give a damn about their petty grievances, and it doesn’t work throwing decent competition under the bust to get them out of the way.

If anything, it reflects poorly on your character and costs you in the end.

No way was Ramsay going to allow Brynn to stay at the bottom when she took the punishment for her team and essentially was guilty of trying to lead the team when they were flailing.

She wasn’t the weakest link on that team, and everyone knew it.

And again, it made no sense that they spared Victoria, who Ramsay personally called out multiple times during service.

It made them look like idiots, especially when he asked Brynn who the real weak link was — she rightfully answered, and he sent her back to the top where she belonged.

As awful as Victoria and Josie were, neither of them deserved to go home yet when it was their first time on the chopping block.

On the Blue Team, the guys tried to pull a similar stunt at first. Alex and Antonio were the obvious weak links, and Sam wasn’t too far behind them, so why the hell was Kevin even up for discussion?

Antonio is obnoxious as hell, and while they took some time to share a bit about his and Trenton’s personal lives during diary room sessions, it doesn’t change that.

However, compared to Alex, Antonio didn’t deserve to go home.

Alex isn’t ready for this competition or any leadership role. He’s not a leader. In the previous installment, Alex dragged half of his team to the bottom to assign blame for THEM not making sure HE cooked HIS meat the right way.

And this time, he tried to blame other people for his failures again. Alex doesn’t take accountability for his actions, doesn’t learn anything, and lacks confidence in his abilities.

Alex had to go. Thank goodness he did.

The mixed-up teams mean the women won’t reign supreme anymore. He had to do it.

He sent Emily, Megan, and Victoria to the Blue team. Megan shined during service, so maybe she can help things along with Steven.

But Payton and Sam got sent to the Red team, and neither of them has the best attitudes, so that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

It’s all going to come down to a clash of personalities. Goody!

Over to you, Hell’s Kitchen Fanatics!

Are you glad they mixed up the teams? Is there anyone you’re rooting for right now? Hit the comments!

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